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Traveling with Food Allergies: Preparing for Europe

Preparing for a Vacation in Europe with Food Allergies Introduction Traveling with food allergies can be challenging, but with careful planning, you can enjoy a safe and...

Top 5 Things Food Allergic People Should Do

1. Be alert with what you are eating.  Make it a habit to always read labels on all foods and other items. Clearly communicate both what you are allergic to and how severe your...

The Big Nine: Sesame Allergy Alert!

Over recent years, SESAME allergy has emerged as a common food allergy among children and adults.  Concerns over protecting allergic consumers who are vulnerable to accidental...

Signs and Symptoms of Allergic Reactions

Despite being careful, you may accidentally come in contact with something to which you are allergic or even a derivative or cross reactive product that your immune system...

What Happens During a Food Reaction?

When an allergic person is exposed to her/his food ALLERGEN (the specific substance that s/he is allergic to), s/he may develop an allergic reaction. The reaction is an...

Allergy Diagnosis by Blood Testing—How Do Blood Tests Help Diagnose Food Allergy?

Author:  Dareen Siri MD   In cases of possible food allergy, based on skin test and the clinical history of a patient’s reactions (or lack thereof), blood or serum testing,...

Allergy Diagnosis by Skin Prick Testing — Does Skin Testing Predict How Allergic You Are?

Step 1. Allergy Diagnosis by Skin Prick Testing. Does skin testing predict how allergic you are? Author:  Dareen Siri MD After conversing with us about your symptoms of food...

Egg Allergen Component Tests

Egg allergen component tests can help you determine the likelihood of reaction to products baked with egg, such as muffins or cookies, as well as the likelihood of allergy...