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Top 5 Things Food Allergic People Should Do

1. Be alert with what you are eating.  Make it a habit to always read labels on all foods and other items. Clearly communicate both what you are allergic to and how severe your allergies are to servers and hosts when you are eating away from home.

2. If food proteins may be in your medicines, list your food allergies with all your doctors and pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist for ingredient information as well.

3, Have an allergic reaction / anaphylaxis action plan in case of reactions, and share it with loved ones.  Have medications and supplies for treatment available to you at all times, even when you are away from home, visiting friends, eating out, or traveling.

4. Understand your allergies, triggers, and know your “safe foods.” Have a stash of portable, non-perishable safe foods with you will be helpful in a bind.  This is especially helpful with your kiddo’s food allergies, such as when your child’s classroom has a party, when your child has a social event or activity, or when traveling to an unfamiliar place.

5. Make an appointment with MASA clinician’s once a year or so to accurately assess your allergies, determine if food allergies are changing, and to discuss food introduction, nutrition, food alternatives, optimal dietary supplementation, and new food allergy treatment options. At MASA, we look at the whole person and believe that addressing all your allergies will help restore an upside-down immune system. 

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